Claims Analytics Dashboard

Medical data has become incredibly complicated. Understanding your own data is critical to your operation, it’s never been more important know what gets paid and how that ties to your business.

The Sift MD Claims Analytics Dashboard helps you extract meaningful information from your billing data.

The Sift MD Claims Analytics Dashboard is a cloud-based denials, payer performance and Propensity To Pay interface, allowing self-bill providers and smaller RCMs to visualize granular data on payers and payees. Our dashboard enables your teams to navigate data on claims, benchmark through payer scorecards and identify payments that show variance from contracted rates.

This powerful tool is available in a monthly subscription package, making it accessible to any RCM or healthcare provider.

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Advanced data science at your fingertips.

Normalized Data

Sift MD aggregates your data from the many locations it's stored, normalizes and makes it usable in a robust and intuitive dashboard.

Real-Time Denials Interface

Cloud-based and always up-to-date, get actionable insights when they matter most... Right now.

Enhanced Reporting

Seamlessly view data to make ROI-based decisions and provide useful insights to your claims teams.

Self-Service Denials Management

Easily view and compare denial codes and how they relate to specific procedures, locations, providers and payers.

Payer Scorecards

See how individual payers stack up against each other. Compare rates for procedures, denials, timing of payments and more.

Contract Dollar Amounts

Contract underpayment happens all the time, it’s hard to track what gets paid versus what is contracted. Easily identify contract variance.

See It In Action

Learn how Sift MD can improve your analytics, denials management on insurance claims and patient scoring.

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