Propensity To Pay 

If you’re leaning on credit scores to segment patients and determine payment plans, you’re leaving money on the table. Sift MD enhances propensity to pay models by hyper-segmenting patients down at the visit level and offering customized payment plans that deliver the maximum ROI per patient.

Real solutions


The exact dollar amount and exact term, per patient, that
will maximize payment.


Moving beyond a simple credit score, Sift MD identifies the billing amount, payment plan and messaging that will drive the highest yield for each individual patient.

More Than A Credit Score

Most propensity-to-pay models are based of standard credit scores. This is misleading and limiting. Consumer purchase behavior is much different than medical behavior, and a credit score doesn’t determine individualized payment plan details.

Visit Level Data

Sift MD’s Propensity To Pay models parse down to the visit level and offers customized payment plans that maximize the ROI per patient.

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Learn how Sift MD can improve your analytics, denials management on insurance claims and patient scoring.

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