Company Overview

Changing reimbursement models and increasing administrative burdens have put growing pressure on provider revenues. More than ever, providers and the vendors who support them need the ability to fully understand what gets paid by payers and patients and how that impacts their business. Typical EDI summary level data cannot provide that level of information. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Sift Healthcare is revolutionizing healthcare billing. Leveraging data science and predictive analytics, Sift Healthcare fills the analytic gaps of traditional vendor solutions. By continuously mining the entire revenue cycle data stream, and ensuring that insights deliver benefit, Sift Healthcare improves data clarity and optimizes the financial performance of the entire revenue cycle continuum. Providers achieve a higher level of visibility and actionable intelligence necessary for today’s more complex and ever-evolving revenue models – all without changes to their existing revenue cycle system. For vendors, Sift Healthcare elevates the value of their suite of solutions, making those solutions smarter and competitively differentiated.

Leaders In Data Analytics

Sift Healthcare's team has over 40 years of combined experience in predictive data analytics. Our team members have built enterprise data technology platforms and have pioneered data mining and predictive analytics technology.

Justin Nicols
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

A leading industry expert in data analytics technology and has an extensive background in corporate finance and investment banking. Prior to founding Sift, Justin served on the executive team of venture backed ad technology company, and an e-commerce technology company.

Virgil Bistriceanu
Chief Technology Officer

Extensively experience in startup and public companies. Prior to joining Sift, Virgil co-founded and served as CTO for MyPoints. Virgil also served in the same role for CentroMedia and Municipal Media Solutions. Virgil is a professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Ken Cunningham
Senior Vice President of Analytics

An expert in analytics for the insurance and healthcare industries. Prior to joining Sift, Ken served as VicePresident of Insurance Claims Analytics at LexisNexis, guiding their launch into the healthcare market.

Bob Hoyler
Chief Operations Officer

An industry expert in predictive analytics. Prior to joining Sift, Bob founded MyPoints, which he took public in 1999. Bob also served as CEO of Magnify, an early leader in predictive analytics for property and casualty insurance.