Sift Healthcare
Revolutionizes The
Revenue Cycle

We don’t manage the revenue cycle,
we make revenue cycle management smarter.

What difference would it make

If it were possible to collect 96% of denial recovery while touching less than 50% of denials? If you could identify which 4% of patients are responsible for 44% of write-offs?

  • Fewer Denials
  • Rapid, Efficient Denials Resolution
  • Faster Payer Collections
  • Improved Patient Collections
  • Enhanced Patient Engagement Generating More Revenue

Revenue Cycle Management Transformed
To Revenue Cycle Excellence

Sift Healthcare fills the analytic gaps of traditional vendor solutions through a normalized data base of ALL revenue cycle data coupled with powerful data science and AI breaking down silo’s where data is unavailable today. Continuously mining the entire revenue cycle data stream, and ensuring that insights deliver benefit, Sift Healthcare provide actionable intelligence to improve on increasingly complex revenue cycle.

RCM Vendors

Vendors gain a competitive advantage by offering more intelligent solutions built for the complexity of revenue cycle challenges.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers receive the insight they need to reduce denials, increase patient payments and maximize payer reimbursements.

Revenue Cycle Optimization Solutions

Sift Healthcare leverages time series analysis on 100% of claims data to deliver comprehensive, actionable insights into claims workflow and patient financial interactions. The result? Fewer bad debt write-offs, increased staff efficiencies, and accelerated collections.

Optimize workflow efficiency & increase payer collectability

Claims Workflow Intelligence

Predictive analytics driving 96% of recoverable denial dollars while working less than 50% of all denials.


Claims Scrubber Optimization
Denials Management Optimization
Coding Review Insights

Improved Payer Collectability

Reimbursement Performance Intelligence

Applies sophisticated analytics to create comprehensive payer scorecards ensuring contractual agreements are met and issues rapidly addressed. New claim edits can be created to reduce the incidence of denials in the future.


Payer Alerts
Contract Management

Improve the Patient Payment Journey, Reduce Costs & Increase Collections

Patient Financial Interaction Intelligence

Predictive analytics applied earlier in the process create a seamless billing experience mapped to the ability and desired medium of payment. Analytics optimize RCM operations, directing the application of the appropriate resources throughout the billing cycle to better manage the RCM vendor mix ensuring the highest rate of return per patient.


Propensity to Pay
Presumptive Charity


Patient Pay Estimation
Payment Plan Monitoring

The Sift Healthcare Approach

Intelligent Analytics.
Enhanced Performance.
Better Outcomes.

Sift Healthcare provides advanced decision support solutions for managing today’s increasingly complex healthcare revenue cycle. Vendors and the providers they serve gain insights necessary to accelerate insurance payments, reduce overall denials, increase patient responsibility collections, monitor payer contracts and drive smarter workflows.

The Sift Healthcare Process

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