Data Science & Artificial Intelligence For Healthcare Payments and the Revenue Cycle

A Data-Driven Revenue Cycle.

Getting paid in healthcare is hard. Sift makes it easier, and faster. Sift brings provides actionable insights that improve operations as well as machine learning optimizations that accelerate cash flow and capture more of your earned revenue.

  • Predictive analytics and machine learning that improve reimbursement, prioritize denials and maximize patient payments.
  • Operational reporting that measures performance across the revenue cycle and tracks the effectiveness RCM work efforts.
  • Intelligence tools that help reduce the cost to collect.

Improving The Healthcare Revenue Cycle.

Denials Management For Accelerated Denial Overturns

Sift accelerates and increases insurance payments by integrating predictive analytics directly into your current revenue cycle workflow to prioritize your most actionable claim denials -- the ones that will get overturned and paid.

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Patient Payments Management For Increased Patient Collections

Sift integrates predictive analytics into the patient revenue cycle to drive individualized collection strategies that enable healthcare providers to maximize the amount they collect from each patient.

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Advanced Analytics For Healthcare Payments

Real-time payments intelligence and combined metrics for both payer and patient payments allow healthcare administrators to track payments behavior like a portfolio and surface new insights around patient populations.

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HIPAA Compliant & Cloud Based Normalized Database

All Your Payments Data In One Place

Sift captures all your claims and payment information into a single, HIPAA-compliant and cloud-based normalized database, providing you with a common source of truth for healthcare payments.

By applying multiple data science techniques, Sift provides comprehensive visualization tools and integrated recommendations for denials, payer assessment, patient collections and patient acquisition.

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The Impact Of Data Science

Sift’s claim analytics find that 87% of collectable denial dollars can be found in 50% of claims. We identify what claims your teams should work.
The 10% of patients least likely to pay their bills account for 50%+ of outstanding patient payment bills, and pay less than 5% of their bills.
Sift claims analytics find that 40% of total patient payment write-off dollars can be found in 10% of accounts.

Working with Sift is simple, easy and affordable.

Send us your data* and we do the rest. All plans include a free data consultation and prices scale with your business.

*Preferable sources of data include 837, 835 and payment files.