Patient Payments Management

Understand Which Patients Will Pay, When & How Much

Sift’s advanced propensity to pay models and patient payment recommendations move beyond simple scoring with AI and predictive analytics. Sift identifies which patients will pay their bills, when they will pay, how much they will pay, the best contact method and frequency and how to structure payment options. Sift's data and recommendations are powerful tools for improving your self-pay collections.

Beyond Propensity To Pay

Sift’s advanced data models expand insights into patient responsibility through enhanced market data and patient access behavior. More accurate and more robust than the industry-standard credit score, Sift’s predictive analytics identify and provide recommendations around:

  • Which patients need payment plans

  • Which patients need buy-out offers
  • Who will pay in the early-out period
  • Which accounts qualify for charity
  • Which patients should be sent to 3rd party financing

Contact Cadence Models

Sift identifies how to contact each individual patient — the ideal method, cadence and most compelling content. Using techniques from best practices in digital and email marketing, Sift provides collection strategies based on individual patients. This enables hospitals to maintain patient relationships, maximize patient payments, decrease their cost to collect and accelerate cash flow.

Regulatory Compliance

Sift’s payments management solutions comply with current and anticipated regulation, at both the state and federal level (including ECOA and FDCPA). Sift employs advanced safe harbor segmentation, ensuring consumer protection rules are followed while equipping healthcare providers with powerful analytics that maximize margins.

Healthcare Needs A New Model For Patient Payments Management

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