C-Suite Intelligence

Real-Time Healthcare Payments Intelligence

Sift enables healthcare administrators to track payments like a portfolio.
Sift combines insurance payer and patient payment data into a real-time and holistic view of your healthcare payments. Use Sift’s suite of C-Suite Intelligence Tools to surface new insights around patient populations, monitor geographic impact, track utilization trends and identify the target markets best fit for your organization. Sift provides analytics are valuable for all levels of a provider organization from high-level metrics for senior management to in-depth analysis of daily operations for functional team leaders.

Advanced Analytics, Metrics and KPIs for Healthcare Administrators

C-Suite Command Center

Sift’s C-Suite Command Center is a unique KPI dashboard that provides ongoing payments visibility for revenue cycle leaders and healthcare administrators.

Sift’s Command Center provides insights around market share, identifies your most valuable patient clusters and a presents clear and concise view of critical payment metrics, opportunities, threats and the ROI impact of optimizations. Pinpoint the metrics that affect your bottom line and analyze your organization’s revenue drivers, covering factors that include seasonality, facility and procedure utilization, payer mix, and patient behavior.

Utilization, Geographic Impact and Patient Population Analytics For Healthcare Administrators

Geographic Impact Report

Better match patients to your facilities and services with a geo-based analysis of your impact on different patient populations. Understand how various populations in your catchment area utilize your facilities, how much of each region you capture, what lifestyle habits and attributes are prevalent in that area and how all of these dimensions drive patient interaction with your system.

Dashboard Interface With Patient Population Information Around Payments

Patient Population Profiles

Sift leverages claims data, propensity to pay analytics and approved third-party consumer data to develop financial and behavioral patient profiles that provide deep insights around your patient populations and how they interact with your facilities. Advanced data science clustering techniques identify your most impactful patient segments providing a 360-degree view of their utilization trends, lifestyle habits and attributes.

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