Payers are constantly changing the rules. Sift levels the playing field.

Sift equips healthcare organizations with actionable denials intelligence that enables them to protect their receivables and accelerate cash flow.

Improve Denial Overturns & Accelerate Payments From Insurance Payers

Denials Workflow Optimizer

Stop chasing dollars and focus getting paid.
Sift’s machine learning accelerates insurance payments by keeping your teams focused on the right denials.

Sift’s predictive models score denials based on their likelihood of being overturned and paid. Sift AI-based denials tools help you apply your resources to the most promising denials, better track outcomes and accelerate your cash flow.

Smart Claim Edits To Prevent Denials

Claims Edit Engine

More payments, less time.
Sift prevents denials with automatic claim edits, custom to your organization. No IT, no tickets, no extra time.

Sift provides ongoing payer-specific claim edit recommendations as payers continually change their rules. Using historical payments data and model-based monitoring, Sift identifies claim billing patterns that require payer-specific claim edits to avoid future denials. By recommending edits based on historical denials and payments Sift helps you prevent claims edit leakage and prevent future denials.

Let Sift Optimize Your Workflows

Sift enhances your current denials management systems. Contact us today to learn more our data science applications for the revenue cycle.