Data Science & Artificial Intelligence For Healthcare Payments and the Revenue Cycle

Payments Intelligence

Sift equips healthcare organizations to fully leverage their payments data to optimize the financial performance of the entire revenue cycle continuum.

  • Data-Driven Revenue Cycle Decision-Making Tools
  • Denials Prevention, Overturn Prediction & Workflow Prioritization
  • Integrated Patient Financial Engagement Intelligence

Improving The Healthcare Revenue Cycle.

Denials Management For Accelerated Denial Overturns

Sift equips healthcare providers with actionable denials intelligence that enables them to protect their receivables and accelerate cash flow.

• Denials Prevention
• Smart Claim Edits
• Appeal Workflow Prioritization

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Patient Payments Management For Increased Patient Collections

Sift’s machine learning integrations optimize both patient engagement and account resolution by recommending patient-specific collection strategies.

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Advanced Analytics For Healthcare Payments

Sift unifies and normalizes payments data providing healthcare organizations with unprecedented access and equipping them with actionable intelligence for improving the revenue cycle.

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Advanced Analytics For Healthcare Payments

Rev/Track provides automated daily reporting with operational intelligence that is valuable for all levels within a provider organization or RCM -- From high-level metrics for senior management to a granular analysis of daily operations for functional team leaders.

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HIPAA Compliant & Cloud Based Normalized Database

All Your Payments Data In One Place

Sift captures insurance claim and patient financial data into a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based and normalized database, providing a single source of truth for around your healthcare payments.

Sift fills the gaps between a provider’s EHR, clearinghouse,  workflow tools, and patient engagement platform. Sift unifies the data points from each system to build a unique and proprietary data set and provide holistic payments oversight.

By applying multiple data science techniques, Sift provides comprehensive and integrated recommendations for denials management, payer assessment, patient collections and patient acquisition.

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The Impact Of Data Science

Sift’s claim analytics find that 86% of collectable denial dollars can be found in 25% of claims. We identify what claims your teams should work and in what order.
The 10% of patients least likely to pay their bills account for 50%+ of outstanding patient payment bills, and pay less than 5% of their bills.
Sift claims analytics find that 40% of total patient payment write-off dollars can be found in 10% of accounts.

Working with Sift is simple, easy and affordable.

Send us your data* and we do the rest. All plans include a free data consultation and prices scale with your business.

*Preferable sources of data include 837, 835 and payment files.