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2022 Healthcare Denials Insights

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Sift Healthcare has released an annual review of claims and remittance data. This granular analysis, conducted by Sift’s Denials Experts, examines unique aspects of payer denials in 2022 - investigating root causes and reasons for denial backlogs and missed revenue - and provides actionable recommendations for prevention, optimizing workflows and improving staff efficiency.

The report provides actionable insights and strategies to handle common and growing challenges for health systems, including:

  • The three root causes of CARC 197 denials
  • Month-to-month increases of CARC 11 denials
  • Denials due to payer requirement changes
  • And much more!

With these insights in hand, your revenue cycle team will be equipped to implement processes that accelerate payments and reduce overall denials. Start 2023 with data-based decision-making insights for denials management.

Download the free report today to see how your health system can apply this curated intelligence.

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