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Filling The Gap In Revenue Cycle Reporting

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Justin Nicols

Last week at Sift Healthcare we launched Rev/Track, an AI-based revenue cycle reporting and dashboard tool. I’m particularly excited about the launch because Rev/Track represents what’s uniquely powerful about Sift. With Rev/Track, Sift enables healthcare providers and RCMs to truly *operationalize artificial intelligence*.

Building predictive models for ranking denials or scoring patient accounts are one thing (a thing which Sift does very well), but equipping healthcare providers and RCMs to put AI-based recommendation to use, *and track performance*, is where the rubber meets the road. This is what makes Sift Healthcare unique. We enable healthcare providers and RCMs to organize their vast and messy payments data, integrate machine learning and predictive analytics to improve their payment outcomes *and* track the impact.

It seems basic, but there is a gap in healthcare payments — it’s difficult to organize payments data in one place, showing the complete picture of how payments perform. And, although there is “AI” in the marketplace, it’s locked away in a black box. It’s difficult for revenue cycle leaders to measure the impact of AI on payments, staff efficiency or collection strategy. This is essential information, and it’s what Rev/Track brings to the surface.

Rev/Track provides revenue cycle leaders with instant access to detailed intelligence that enables them to extract meaningful insights from their healthcare payments data -- information that drives better-informed decisions around revenue cycle operations. This includes things like tracking how receivables are aging and how collections measure up against targets; evaluating the impact and quality of collection strategies and revenue cycle work efforts; and monitoring insurance payer denials and drilling into root cause.

Rev/Track creates a feedback loop, showing how predictive models and work efforts perform and how they should be adjusted. Without these analytics, the value of AI is diminished. It's just a hunch or hope that it's solving problems. Rev/Track makes it immensely more powerful. Learn more, here.

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