IKS Health Invests in Sift Healthcare

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Bethany Grabher

Today, we are excited to announce that IKS Health has invested in Sift Healthcare. This is an add-on to our Series A fundraising round, and supports the growth of our product set and client base.

IKS Health is a leader in equipping ambulatory care organizations with integrated solutions around clinical support, practice management and revenue cycle management. IKS shares in Sift's vision of enabling healthcare organizations to leverage their data to improve financial and operational outcomes. They recognize the immediate impact of Sift’s technology on the revenue cycle but is also committed to exploring longer-term opportunities for joint innovation and solutions.

We look forward to actively working with IKS to bring our solutions to their existing customer install base and providing solutions that address increasing operating costs, high input costs, changing payer and regulatory rules and evolving consumer preferences. You can read the press release about the investment, here.

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