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Introducing the Solventum Revenue Integrity System

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Bethany Grabher

At Sift, we leverage AI and advanced analytics to tackle the challenges providers face in managing payer reimbursement. Today, we're excited to share a groundbreaking development: the launch of the Solventum Revenue Integrity System, developed in partnership with Solventum (formerly 3M Health Care). This innovative AI-driven solution is set to transform the way health systems handle denials prevention and payment integrity.

In healthcare, clinical data is often siloed from payments data, making it challenging for providers to connect clinical inputs to payment outcomes. This separation makes it exceedingly difficult for providers to pinpoint the root causes of denials and adjust processes to prevent adverse payment outcomes. The Solventum Revenue Integrity System addresses this disconnect by unifying disparate clinical and payments data, creating a longitudinal view that surfaces actionable analytics to improve payment integrity. Leveraging this comprehensive data set and Sift's advanced AI, the Solventum Revenue Integrity System integrates denial predictions, alerts, and recommendations into Solventum workflows.

This first-of-its-kind integration delivers enhanced intelligence and drives seamless denial prevention, working to reduce write-offs and improve overall revenue cycle management.

Key Features of the Solventum Revenue Integrity System:

  • AI-Powered Predictions: Our advanced machine learning algorithms can pinpoint which patient accounts are at high risk for denial. This means providers get actionable insights and root cause analysis to prevent denials before they happen.
  • Real-Time Guidance: The system provides real-time, workflow-integrated suggestions to clinical documentation, coding, and utilization review professionals. This ensures accuracy, compliance, and most importantly, fewer denials.
  • Improved Efficiency: By addressing denial risks proactively, the system helps reduce write-offs and boosts overall revenue cycle efficiency.

We believe that the future of healthcare payments lies in integrated solutions. Our partnership with Solventum is a testament to this vision. Together, we’re infusing AI-driven intelligence directly into clinical workflows, empowering providers to make data-driven decisions and optimize payment outcomes.

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