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Sift Named to AVIA Connect’s Top Patient Billing and Payment Companies

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Bethany Grabher

Sift has been recognized as a Top Company in Patient Billing and Payment upon conclusion of extensive research and company outreach by AVIA Connect, the leading digital health marketplace.

Sift's Payments Intelligence Platform goes beyond simple propensity to pay scoring to offer granular patient account segmentation, intelligent automation, outsourcing analytics, workflow optimization, proactive patient financial engagement tools and much more. It’s how we ensure our customers get the absolute most out of Machine Learning to drive their patient payment strategies.

AVIA's Top Patient Billing and Payment Companies Report represents the aggregation and analysis of health system implementation data across the country and highlights broader industry trends to contextualize the impact the companies and products are currently having in the space. Given the complexity and evolving nature of patient billing and payment, the report helps define the patient billing and payment landscape and how these solutions best support patient care.

"One of the most important things we can do for our patients is help them understand their billing and payment options," said Dhiraj Patkar, SVP of Digital Health Solutions at AVIA. "The AVIA Connect platform and Top 50 report provide insights and clarity into the rapidly evolving patient billing and payment space, so health systems can identify solutions that empower patients to take control of their financial health."

AVIA Connect is where innovative health systems and hospitals go to find the right digital health solutions. It’s built to efficiently search vendors and guide informed decisions, with tools like product comparisons, match scores, report generators, peer reviews, and market insights.

Access the full report findings from AVIA Connect’s Top Patient Billing and Payment Companies list here.

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