Thank You For Prioritizing Care

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Justin Nicols

We know, fundamentally, that healthcare is about patients… Caring for patients. But, as an industry, we sometimes let the focus shift from that core mission.

At conferences, on sales calls and in articles, care sometimes takes a back seat. The revenue cycle can seem far away from patient care. And innovation can get buried in vanity metrics and buzzwords — glossing over the contribution to care.

But healthcare leaders are clear on care. At Sift, when we talk to healthcare leaders, from CFOs and VPs of Revenue Cycle to CTOs and Chief Innovation Officers, they always start and end with care. Even the revenue cycle has to advance the mission around patients and care.

And now, more than ever, we are incredibly grateful. In this daunting time of COVID-19, we have a deep appreciation for the healthcare providers, leaders and hospitals that are beacons for hope and safety in our communities.

At Sift, we’ve been honored to work with healthcare organizations. We have appreciated their drive for innovation, but beyond that, we are deeply grateful for their commitment to care. Thank you.

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