Payments Dashboard

All Your Payments In One Place

Sift pulls together all your payments data into a unified interface that provides a holistic view of your payments data. When you see all of your payments, together, you uncover powerful insights around your business operations.

Visualize Healthcare Payments Data From Insurance Payers and Self-Pay Patient Payers In One Place
Track insurance payer revenue by a variety of metrics

Payer Data

Track payer revenue by a variety of attributes including facility, procedure, and specialty. Better understand what you collect from payers vs patients, and identify which plans drive the most net revenue. 

Metrics around self-pay patient payments

Patient Payments Data

Segment and monitor patient payments and develop insights that equip your teams to better manage patient groups. Understand the critical drivers that affect your patient payments, including facility, health plan and procedure code blocks.

Unlock Your Payments Data

Start looking at the full story on how you’re getting paid. Bring together your payer and patient payments data with Sift’s Payments Dashboard.
All plans includes a data consultation and Sift’s complete Payments Dashboard interface with drill down capability.