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Revenue Cycle Analytics

Rev/Track Leverages AI To Improve Revenue Cycle Operations

Rev/Track leverages Sift Healthcare's AI and machine learning to help healthcare providers and RCMs to optimize revenue cycle operations. Rev/Track delivers detailed intelligence around payments behavior, insurance denials, collection trends, patient segments and revenue cycle work efforts.

Bethany Grabher
September 25, 2019
Healthcare Payments

Want To Control Your Cost To Collect & Utilization? You Need A Holistic View Of Your Healthcare Payments.

Every healthcare CFO and revenue cycle leader should be looking at their insurance payer payments in relation to patient payments -- identifying how they relate and influence one another. This is essential intelligence in an ever-complex revenue cycle.

Justin Nicols
June 19, 2019
Claim Denials

What's Going On In Your Payments Data

Normalized and organized data is a gap in healthcare analytics, even in claim denials management. This is why Sift Healthcare is proud to introduce our Denials Dashboards. Sift scrubs and maps your 835 and 837 data to build a single, normalized data set. This data is organized in an intuitive interface that offers you a new level of oversight for the revenue cycle.

Bethany Grabher
September 25, 2019