Sift Healthcare Progress


IKS Health Invests in Sift Healthcare

Sift Healthcare is honored to announce the addition of IKS Health as a strategic investor. IKS' footprint in the ambulatory care market and its dedication to improving the healthcare reimbursement journey make them an ideal partner in furthering Sift's work to bring data intelligence and Machine Learning optimizations to healthcare payments.

Bethany Grabher
September 25, 2019
Healthcare Payments

Announcing Sift's Series A Funding

Today is an exciting milestone for Sift as we’re proud to announce the completion of Sift Healthcare’s $9 million Series A fundraising round, led by Allos Ventures and First Trust Capital Partners. Funding supports the accelerating sales of our denials management and patient payment products and the launch of our mid-cycle denials prevention solution.

Justin Nicols
June 19, 2019